Heartburn Keeps Me Up At Night –Ways to make it Better

Like so many others, I have had my share of sleepless night because of heartburn. Heartburn prevented me from getting to sleep on many occasions or, when I did get to sleep, it would wake me up at all hours of the night with a terrible burning and often nausea and painful bloating.

The result of heartburn that keeps me up at night became a problem in my daily life, too. I was tired all of the time, had a hard time focusing on even the simplest things, and worse yet – I looked like I hadn’t slept in days. And most of the time, that was true.

Although I have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), a condition that keeps my stomach on edge with stomach acids, I knew I couldn’t continue to lose sleep. Since I was already taking a proton-pump inhibitor to prevent acids from being pushed into my stomach and an H2 blocker to lessen the amount of acid being produced there, I had to look outside of the box for answers.

I thought “If heartburn keeps me up at night, then my days will continue to be as fuzzy as those long hours just wishing I could sleep.” I had to go through a trial and error process to find the right combination that worked for me, so you may have to do the same. Here is what I found out about how to prevent heartburn from keeping me up at night.

Heartburn Keeps Me Up At night if I Eat Too Soon Before Bed

Heartburn is much more likely if I lay down, I knew this just from what I had been going through. However, heartburn is worse if I eat within a few hours of bedtime.

When there is food left in the stomach and the acids are still “at work”, heartburn is more likely to happen by lying down and putting all my stomach contents near my esophagus. (Lying down also increases gastric pressure, which pushes the food into my esophagus easier, too.)

Heartburn Keeps Me Up At Night if I Drink Carbonated Beverages

As a GERD sufferer, I know that acidic things were definitely off-limits. But I never had a problem with carbonated beverages. (I often used them to alleviate gastric pressure because they can help me to burp.) However, as a drink right before bed they just make matter worse because of the increase in gastric pressure (from not burping) and cause the acids in my stomach to go crazy.

Heartburn Keeps Me Up At Night if I Take Sleeping Medications

I found out that certain medicines I used to help me sleep were causing nighttime heartburn as a side-effect. Through reading some of the information available out there, I found out that anti-anxiety medicines like Valium, Xanax, and other types of benzodiazepines commonly cause night time heartburn.

Many Medical Conditions can Cause Heartburn that keeps me Up at Night

While I’m fairly healthy (except for some gastric problems), I was interest to find out that there are many health conditions that cause nighttime heartburn. As it turns out, obesity, asthma, and high blood pressure can all cause heartburn.

What to Do About Heartburn that keeps you up at Night

For me, eliminating carbonation before bedtime and making sure I stuck to my rule about not eating a few hours before bed did the trick. (Along with my prescriptions, of course.) It may not be that simple for others, so here is a list of tricks that just might be your ticket to a good night’s sleep.

Check out these heartburn remedies.

Avoid alcoholic beverages that relax the lower esophageal sphincter

Do not eat a big meal before bed and no late night snacking.

Avoid carbonation before bed.

Avoid common trigger foods: Avoid Spicy Foods, fatty foods, and acidic foods.

Sleep on your side or with your head up (so acids stay in the stomach).

Eat slowly when you do eat the last meal of the day.

Reduce stress by exercising (but not right before bed).

Chew gum before bed to help calm the acids with saliva.

Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Don’t smoke.

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